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Coaches Recognition Scheme FAQ

Q: Is the scheme compulsory for coaches or can they opt out?
A: The Recognition Scheme is optional for all coaches but it is strongly recommended so that we can recognise the work that you do and to aid your development as a coach.

Q: Can I gain points for coaching activity that takes place outside of my club?
A: Yes - The location of your coaching is not relevant to the scheme. Any coaching activity that you perform, wherever that might be, can be counted.

Q: The coaches in my club often operate as a group, what happens if more than one coach works with the
same individual? Who gets the points?
A: In this situation, if a coach can evidence that they have worked with an individual on two or more occasions (regardless of their interaction with other coaches), then they can receive points for this activity.

Q: I’ve already got a Coach Bowls qualification so can I claim the points for this?
A: Yes, but in the first year only. Any coach who has successfully completed a Coach Bowls module or qualification can claim the points for their highest level of qualification. For example, if a coach has attained both Level 1 and Level 2
qualifications, they would be entitled to claim points for Level 2 only.

Q: Is the scheme annual or cumulative?
A: Cumulative. Each coach has three years to earn their points which is a cumulative process.

Q: What happens if I join the scheme half way through, do I still get three years?
A: No. The scheme is a three- year cycle, but as soon as you join the scheme you can start earning points and, as shown in the example of Emma’s coaching activity on Page 5, it’s more than possible to gain the Bronze and Silver
levels within 18 months perhaps even Gold!

Q: Is there a way to submit my coaching activity data electronically?
A: Not presently. However, the BDA is working to make this a possibility from late 2018.

Q: Where do I send my completed activity sheets?
A: BDA, Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB.

Q: What happens if I complete and fill all the activity sheets?
A: Simply return the completed activity sheets with a covering letter to the BDA office and a new log book will be sent out to you.

Q: What happens if I lose my log book?
A: Please either write in to the BDA or call 01664 777001.

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