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Tutor Biographies

Amanda Scriven-PurcellAmanda Scriven-Purcell (West Midlands)

Amanda is the Coach Bowls Coaching Manager and has worked for bowls since October 2011. Her main role is to manage the coaching system in England, develop a new suite of qualifications and modules to benefit Coach Bowls members and clubs.

Amanda has been a coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics since she was 14 years of age. In her many years as a coach she has worked with raw beginners, children, adults, disabled performers, International Gymnasts and Olympians. She has coached at World events and Commonwealth Games all over the World.

Amanda’s passion is developing coaches. She became a tutor in gymnastics in her twenties and delivers Coach Education from Level 1 to Level 3. She is also a Tutor for sports coach UK (an organisation that she was employed by for 8 years, helping many sports develop their qualifications and strategies for coaching). She has run her own consultancy firm and is also an ex teacher and ex Army Officer.

Amanda is a tutor and assessor for all modules available through the Coach Bowls Scheme.

Gilly AinslieGilly Ainslie (Devon)

Gilly started playing bowls in 1987 in Australia and learned to love the game. She was lucky to receive excellent coaching from the start and on her return to the UK joined her first bowls club. She served in various positions at her club until eventually becoming a coach herself in 2010.

When the new Plymouth Life Centre Indoor Bowls Club was open in 2012 there were new opportunities for Gilly. In 2013 she qualified as a BDA Level 2 coach, which enabled her to continue coaching in schools in the area and pass on her love of the sport to the next generation.

Plymouth has had a disability section for 20 years and Gilly has been involved firstly as a volunteer and now as a coach.

Gilly is a tutor and assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ & ‘Working with Disabled People in Bowls’ Modules and the Level 1 Qualification and is working towards tutoring Level 2 Qualifications.

Elaine ApplebeeElaine Applebee (Surrey)

Elaine has been retired for several years but has always believed that everyone should be involved with some voluntary work. Elaine started bowling after an accident put an end to all of her sporting activities in 1986. Subsequent health problems encouraged her into coaching 17 years ago.

Elaine trained in hotel management and she ran her own catering business. She has been a driving instructor and helped to teach ladies Self Defence and was a volunteer tutor with Adult Literacy for 5 years.

Elaine’s passion is to change lives through helping those struggling to play bowls or in coaching and obviously has a good understanding when it comes to health ailments. She fully understands ‘lack of confidence’ and strives to help those people.

Elaine is a tutor and assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Bowls’ Module and the Level 1 Qualification.

Barry BasfordBarry Basford (Northamptonshire)

In his time Barry has played cricket, golf and bowls to a reasonable standard. He took up bowls seriously on returning from a holiday at Potters in 1987

As his club was short of players he decided that they needed a Coach to promote new members, the only option then was EBCS. In 2007 he gained his Level 3 EBCS Qualification from his mentor ex England coach Peter Harris. From 2009 to 2015 he became County Coaching Co-ordinator for the Northants Bowls Coaching Association and for the last 5 years Chairman as well. The association has now been wound up. He gained his Level 3  1st  4 Sport Award in Delivering Learning in Feb 2015 and his Level 2 BDA Coaching Qualification in Dec 2015

He worked for many years as a travelling service engineer for a company selling machine tools but is now retired and lives with his wife Trisha, also a bowler and umpire, in Kettering Northants.

Barry is a tutor and assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Bowls’ Module and the Level 1 Qualification and is working towards tutoring Level 2 Qualifications.

Maddie BexonMaddie Bexon (Devon)

Maddie is  based at Exonia Bowls Club in Exeter and has been involved with bowls for over 18 years. She qualified as a coach over five years ago. During her time in bowls she has coached around 80 people and seen many of them move up to County Standard.

Maddie bridged to the ‘Coach Bowls’ scheme in 2012 and thoroughly enjoys her coaching role. Her passion comes from seeing individuals (new and not so new to the sport) progress and reach their full potential. With her background in teaching, a natural progression for her was to become a Coach Educator, which she achieved in 2014. With a skilled workforce working to a recognised standard, Maddie feels that this will ensure that all new coaches at Level One and Two will get a good grounding in all aspects of the coaching role. This will ensure that a club route level the coaching is consistent.

Maddie is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 Qualification.

Frank CurtisFrank Curtis (Surrey)

Frank is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 Qualification.




Anthea DoreAnthea Dore (Hampshire)

Anthea qualified as a secondary science teacher in 1969, she moved into computers a couple of years later and then became a mentor / trainer for the Health Service, leading the computer support team for the region.

She ran her own computer company writing bespoke software and training Department of Trade and Industry customers.  She was subsequently employed by many companies to roll-out customised training for them.

Anthea took full time employment with the Post Office where she was responsible for the design, creation and writing of courses and all the supporting materials.  Her main role was to deliver these courses to the top management and to train the Post Office tutors for roll-out to the entire Post Office.

Having been a competitive bowler since 1980, it was only natural that she should become a coach – a journey started with the EBCS, gaining level 2 in 2001 and Level 3 in 2006. She gained her BDA Level 2 qualification in 2013 and subsequently qualified as a tutor.

Her main passion is to ensure that bowls training / coaching is delivered in the most appropriate way for the target audience and for the use of coaching to become more acceptable to the higher-end players.

Anthea is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.


Graham MarrinerGraham Marriner (Hertfordshire)

Graham is based in Hertfordshire where he is the County Development Officer for Bowls and the County Welfare / Child Protection Officer and the County Coaching Coordinator.

Graham started bowling in Australia, over 20 years ago, and has been a Level 2 coach for the past 16 years. He achieved his Level 3 Award in Delivering learning (QCF) in 2014.

Graham is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 Qualification and is working towards tutoring Level 2 Qualifications. He is also a Safeguarding in Bowls-Time to Listen Tutor.

Graham believes his drive comes from the personal satisfaction gained in tutoring over 140 aspiring coaches in 11 counties.

Frank MustonFrank Muston (Leicestershire)

Prior to his retirement, Frank worked for a training organisation specialising in training and development in the Transport and Logistics industry. He gained a Diploma in Management and was elected a member of the Chartered Institute of Management. In his role as a Quality Manager he was responsible for facilitating the company to gain Investors in People and ISO 9002. He was the Internal Verifier for Level 2 & 3 NVQs in the Road Transport and Logistics industry.

Frank retired from cricket in 1979 and took up bowls in the same year. He took up coaching in 1985. As a Level 3 coach, he was appointed as County Coach for Leicestershire in 2008. He became a tutor for the BDA in 2012.

Frank joined the BDA in 2011 and was invited to be a Coaching Steering Group member. He was actively involved in the development of both the Level 1 and 2 courses and co-tutored the inaugural course in Melton in 2012.

Frank is currently a member of the Level 3 development group. His contribution is based on the process of continually evaluating and improving player performance based on effectiveness of shots.

Frank is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.

John NealJohn Neal (Surrey)

John has been involved in Bowls since mid-90’s and has progressed up to Level 3 with the English Bowls Coaching Society. In 2013 he qualified as a BDA Level 2 coach and competent as a BDA Tutor. In September 2014 he was assessed as competent as a Bowls Coach Educator by the BDA and in October 2014 was assessed as competent Level 3 in Delivering Learning(QCF) by 1st 4 sport.  He has attended workshops to do with coaching disabled bowlers, and safeguarding children.

He has coached new bowlers at Wey Valley I.B.C. since joining them some 7 years after leaving Elmbridge Indoor bowls club where he coached from 2001 until 2009.

John  is Secretary of two Outdoor Bowling Associations, Captain and Secretary of his Outdoor club and runs 6 teams in various Leagues at Wey Valley IBC.  He sits on the Committee of Association of Surrey Bowls Coach’s and organises the Club Seminars.

John is Captain of the Metropolitan Police Bowls Association, a post he has held for 17 years and was awarded his colours for services to bowls in 2002. He was successfully nominated for the Bowls International Magazine “Unsung hero” award.

John is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Module.

Alec NewberryAlec Newberry (Kent)

Alec is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Module and assesses Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.




Eddie PlumeEddie Plume (Hertfordshire)

Eddie started bowls in 1974 at Buntingford Bowls Club in Hertfordshire and soon became involved in the club and its various activities. These activities included running an EBCS Bowls for Beginners course every May. After helping out for a number of years Eddie took his EBCS Level 1 in 1982.  He subsequently completed his Safeguarding and basic First Aid to get his EBCS Level 2.

Eddie ran the Bowls for Beginners courses every May from 1984 and saw many new bowlers join his club. He joined the newly formed Hertfordshire Bowls Coaching Society as one of the founding members and over the years has assisted in the delivery of their various skills days. and also passed his EBCS Level 3, which meant he was able to deliver their Level 1 and 2 courses.

When the BDA was formed, Eddie immediately joined  and soon completed his BDA Level 2 Qualification. Since then he has completed his Level 3 Award in Delivering Learning and completed his assessor training.

Under the BDA banner he has successfully organised and delivered several courses across the country, as well as in his own county. He is also heavily involved in youth coaching throughout Hertfordshire, assisting and running Saturday morning sessions during the winter and Sunday mornings outdoors.

Eddie is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 Qualification and is working towards tutoring Level 2 Qualifications.

Don PughDon Pugh (Herefordshire)

Don is a retired Facilities Manager who worked for the Home Office (Forensic Science Services) with full security clearance. He was responsible for providing building services, employing a workforce of security guards, service engineers, specialist cleaners and so on. He trained the workforce in 1st Aid and Health & Safety and was an active member of the St. John Ambulance for 17 years, with both advance Nursing and 1st Aid Certificates.

Don played professional football in his teens and later played County squash. He was also a coach in both sports and swam to keep fit.

Don took up bowling in 1996 and became a bowls umpire and coach in 2000. He has umpired at International Level (European Games) and became a regional tutor / assessor of Umpires.

A previous EBCS Level 3 coach, Don bridged across to the Coach Bowls scheme in 2014. He gained his Coach Educator Status in 2014.

As a bowler he has represented his county over 250 times! He has played in and managed the Middleton Cup County Team and played many times at the National Finals as County Champion. He was Match County Secretary for 10 years, President of Herefordshire County in 2006 & 2010 and Three Counties President in 2011.

He now devotes his time and energies into coaching and enjoying playing non-competitive bowls.

Don is a tutor and assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Module and the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.

David RollsDavid Rolls (Gloucestershire)

David has been bowling since 1993 and has progressed his bowling career through all positions. He currently plays both indoors and outdoors at GL1 Leisure Centre and at Gloucester Spa Bowls Club, but admits to enjoying the outdoor game more because of the challenge of playing on different greens in varying conditions and where the camaraderie of club bowling is greater. Competitive by nature, he enjoys both team and singles play at county level.

Wanting to improve his own game further and to put something back into the sport, David took up coaching via the EBCS in 1999, reaching Level 3 accreditation ion 2005. Understanding the enhanced value of a nationally recognised qualification awarded against national standards, he achieved a Level 3 Award in Delivering Learning in October 2014 and his BDA Level 2 in January 2015. Since then he has tutored coaches at both Level 1 and 2 across the country and also works as an assessor for these qualifications.

David is the County Coaching Coordinator for Gloucestershire and chairs the Coach Education Advisory Group, which is tasked with the continual review and improvement of the Coach Bowls coaching programmes.

David is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.

Denise SmithDenise Smith (Surrey)

Denise was a teacher for 30 years and has been coaching bowls for 20+ years. She worked her way through the EBCs and passed all Levels - 1, 2, 3 and Advanced. She has also achieved a L2 Bowls Coaching Qualification through 1st4Sport and would be interested in taking the L3 to enhance her own coaching skills and to coach players of national to international standard.

Denise loves coaching bowlers of all standards from beginners to county players, juniors and bowlers with disabilities. She likes to see the improvement of open-minded players after coaching. She also really enjoys tutoring the different BDA courses, especially the practical aspects of them.

Denise is a Tutor and Assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator module and working towards ‘Working with Disabled People in Bowls’ module as well as the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.

Peter SherlockPeter Sherlock (Dorset)

Peter spent 23 years in the Royal Navy, where he became an instructor responsible for the training of ground support personnel. He has also worked for British Aerospace, Westland Helicopters and Honeywell International. His service knowledge and experience was directed to technical publications and supply logistics, engaging with both internal and external customers, both home and abroad, ensuring repairs and overhauls of a variety of airborne equipment were completed within contractual timescales and costs.

Having a life-long interest in sport, including cycling and half-marathon running, Peter finally satisfied a long held desire and joined a bowling club in 1982, where he is still a member to this day. During this time he has held many positions within the club, in turn receiving a life membership in recognition. He plays both indoors and out with a very competitive attitude.

Peter became a bowls coach in 1986, progressing to an EBCS advanced coach, bridging across to Coach Bowls in 2013. He was the County Coach for Dorset and regional coach for the South West, organising seminars, assessments and training, at the same time working as the secretary for the EBCS. He was a National Umpire until three years ago, when he decided to concentrate on his coaching activities. He has worked with those new to the sport, established club bowlers and visually impaired and wheelchair bowlers, all of which he found challenging and rewarding.

He is a Coach Bowls tutor and Lead assessor which he gained through his belief in the Coach Bowls approach. This spurred him to take external qualification to improve his theoretical knowledge of sport, which have proved an advantage in the way in which he now approaches coaching. He is keen to be involved in all aspects of bowls coaching as he gains a great deal of satisfaction helping others to achieve their potential. He is a great believer and convert to the new approach to bowls coaching, which he holds as the only way forward if bowls coaches are to be considered a credible asset to the sport of bowls at all levels.

Peter is a tutor and assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ module and the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications. He is also involved in developing the new Level 3 Qualification.

Stuart StampStuart Stamp (Hertfordshire)

Stuart has been a bowls coach for around 25 years in his county of Hertfordshire and was an EBCS Level 3 coach before taking his BDA Level 2 Qualification in 2012.

Presently Stuart is the Chair and County Coach for Hertfordshire Bowls Coaching Society.

He is now retired from a job he loved as a Metropolitan Police Mounted Police Officer.

Stuart is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Module and is working towards tutoring a Level 1 Qualification.

Mich Van PuttMich Van Put (Cambridgeshire)

Mich is a tutor and assessor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ module and the Level 1 & 2 Qualifications.




Bill WheatleyBill Wheatley (Worcestershire)

Bill is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ Module and working towards the Level 1 Qualification.




Duncan DonnellyDuncan Donnelly (Tyne and Wear)

Duncan is a tutor and assessor for the Level 1 Qualification.




Martin Smith (Bedfordshire)

Martin works full time as a professional sports coach, tutor and assessor. He is self-employed and works for various companies and organisations. He works as a PE Teacher in a Junior School in Rushden, also organising sports festivals for the school cluster group.

Martin is a Level 3 Football and Cricket coach and holds coaching qualifications in bowls, badminton, fitness, rugby, hockey, netball, gymnastics, tennis, SAQ, athletics, orienteering and Sport psychology. He works as a tutor and assessor for various organisation in addition to Bowls Development Alliance, including England and Wales Cricket Board and Sport Structures. Martin has coached and tutored all age groups and abilities, from infant children to adults and people with a disability.

Martin is a tutor and assessor for the Level 1 Qualification. He is also working towards becoming a tutor for the ‘Working with Disabled Bowlers’ module.

Greg Simmons (Devon)

Greg is a tutor and assessor for the Level 1 Qualification. He is also working towards becoming a tutor for the ‘Working with Disabled Bowlers’ module.

Colin WoodColin Wood (Staffordshire)

Colin is a retired P.E. Teacher and was also a Head Of Year.  He currently fills his time playing bowls, coaching bowls and basketball, and tutoring and assessing in both those sports. 

Colin has coached basketball at beginner level with school children and at National League level where he was a player and Head Coach with a successful Birmingham Bullets team that won National titles and competed in European competitions. 

As an ex P.E. teacher, he believes firmly in putting something back into the sports he has enjoyed and so takes every opportunity to coach those sports and continue to learn about them. 

Colin is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ module, a Tutor and Assessor for the Level 1 Qualification and working towards becoming a tutor for the Level 2 Qualification.

Bernie HillBernie Hill (Lancashire)

Bernie is working towards becoming Coach Bowls Tutor.




 Roger HumphreyRoger Humphrey (Dorset)

Roger has been a bowls coach since first qualifying as a Level 1 coach in Cyprus in 2008. On his return to the UK in 2010 he quickly worked his way through the EBCS coaching badges, obtaining his Level 3 badge in October 2012. He then joined the BDA and obtained his Level 2 Qualification in March 2015.

Roger regularly coaches beginners and experienced bowlers as well as working with coaches. In January2015 he returned to Cyprus to run a coaching course for some of the existing coaches living in Cyprus.

Roger has also completed the Coach Bowls, ‘Working with Disabled People in Bowls’ workshop and has the Level 3 qualification in Education and Learning.

Roger bowls both long mat and short mat and is currently Club Captain of his short mat club as well as the Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Officer.

Roger worked at the Paralympics in Weymouth in 2012 as a volunteer and also works part time as a local school helping youngsters with learning difficulties with their exams.

Roger is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ module, a Tutor and Assessor for the Level 1 Qualification and working towards becoming a tutor for the Level 2 Qualification.

John RednallJohn Rednall (Suffolk)

John is working towards becoming Coach Bowls Tutor and is also involved in developing the Level 3 Qualification.




Nigel MorganNigel Morgan (Wiltshire)

Nigel is the Wiltshire Bowls County Coordinator and has been a Coach since 1999, working at Club and County level. He is also the Chair of the Wiltshire Bowls Coaching Association, which welcomes all coaches. He also organises the Coaches at the Wiltshire County and Midlands Regional Finals of the EBYDS.

Nigel has coached many people from beginners, children and adults and at all levels, including County players. He has also been a teacher of coaches and has recently Qualified as a Coach Bowls Tutor.

Nigel’s passion is helping all bowlers to improve their game, from delivery through to psychology of the game.

Nigel is a tutor for the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ module, a Tutor and Assessor for the Level 1&2 Qualification

Tessa DavisTessa Davis (Surrey)

Tessa is an Assessor for Coach Bowls Qualifications.




Jane KingJane King (Surrey)

Jane is an Assessor for Coach Bowls Qualifications.




Taiwo AjayiTaiwo Ajayi (Essex)

Taiwo has been involved in the sports industry over the last 25 years as a sports coach, Sports Development Officer and a Leisure Manager. He is a coach in several different sports in addition to bowls such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, handball and dodgeball. Taiwo has coached children, young people, adults with different abilities and needs, from the elite athlete to beginners.

Taiwo is an experienced tutor leading and delivering several courses for different organisations. Taiwo says ‘I enjoy coaching and tutoring and seeing people discover their abilities and pushing themselves further than they expected. I love seeing people achieving their goals and aspirations, when I have been working with them and they get it! This could be an improvement of technique, or enabling them to do the move. I like to empower people and impart knowledge to them to help them achieve and go further in whatever they do in life or sport. I like to create opportunities for people and I just love playing sports. Knowing that I did my best is the thing that I am for!’

Taiwo is a tutor for the Safeguarding in Bowls-Time to Listen module the ‘Play Bowls Activator’ and ‘Working with Disabled People in Bowls’ modules and is working towards becoming a tutor and assessor for the Level 1 Qualification.

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