Our Commitment 

We aim to provide a high quality of service to all our customers and partners. We have developed this charter to outline our commitment to continually improve the levels of the services we provide.

We will always strive to:

•    Put the needs of our customers’ first
•    To consider all partners needs
•    Promote equality and diversity and treat all customers with respect
•    Be friendly, approachable and professional at all times
•    Answer your query at first point of contact whenever possible
•    Deal with and learn from any complaints and queries
•    Preserve your privacy
•    Provide accessible information about the services we provide

If you contact us by telephone, or us to you:

•    We aim to answer all calls within three rings
•    We aim to answer your query there and then. If this is not possible we will arrange to get the answer to you verbally or in writing
•    When returning your call our staff will be professional and will state name, company and reason for call

If you contact us by letter, e-mail or through our social media presence:

•    We aim to respond within five working days of receiving your enquiry, with an answer to your query
•    If we are unable to provide an answer to your query, we will contact you and inform you of the next step we are going to take
•    We will keep you informed of the progress of your query
•    We will write in a clear, concise and easy to understand way

If we visit your premises:

•    We will arrange an appointment in advance
•    We will let you know if we need change the appointment

If you visit our premises:

•    We will meet you at reception and state who we are
•    If we need to change an appointment, we will inform you beforehand whenever possible