First Coach completes the Level 3 Certificate in Coaching (Bowls)

Published On: September 1, 2022

Coach Bowls is delighted to announce that Malcolm Evans has successfully completed his Level 3 Qualification. It has been a long and intense process, but one which adds a new dimension to the bowls coaching landscape!

On receiving the news Mal said: ‘I am delighted to be confirmed as the first to achieve the new Coach Bowls Level 3 Coaching Qualification. It has been a long, challenging and rigorous process, but ultimately extremely rewarding.

 It involved working with individual players over a 12 month period who had to be at least Johns or Middleton standard identifying tailored programmes to aid their development as players as well as working with a Johns or Middleton team over the same period.

 Working at this level has challenged me to think about coaching on a wide variety of fronts in order to ensure that I was able to achieve the maximum impact both for the team and individuals concerned. It challenged me to think creatively as to how I could use differing techniques to make both short term but ultimately long term gains for the players.

 Bowls coaching is still relatively new at the higher level of the game but I feel it is both helpful and important, in order to produce a culture, as in other sports where individuals and teams can turn to someone with the relevant knowledge, qualifications and experience to aid, develop and enhance the relevant skills within the sport of Bowls.

 My experience working through the qualification was a real pleasure and has opened my eyes even further to the advantages of coaching within the game. If any current Level 2 coaches want to expand their coaching horizons even further then I would heartily endorse them in thinking seriously about taking the award.

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