Gloucestershire’s Coach passes Level Three Qualification!

Published On: August 15, 2022

Coach Bowls is delighted to announce that David Rolls, the chair of the Coach Education Advisory Group, County Coach and Coordinator for Gloucestershire,
Tutor and Assessor is only the second person in England to be awarded the Level Three Certificate in Coaching Bowls!

David was rightly proud of his high level of work and commitment to the process and looks forward to continuing his work this season with bowlers who
aspire to playing for the Gloucestershire’s John’s Trophy Team.

Lindsay Collin, the Gloucestershire Bowls Association Administrator said:

Gloucestershire is delighted for David that he is one of the very first Coach Bowls Level 3 coaches, and proud that he comes from our county. As a friend
and working colleague in several ways, including even a ‘guinea pig’ for some of his Level 3 coaching and practical assessments, I’m also personally very
pleased, because I know just how much effort he has had to put into attaining this qualification.

Without doubt, Gloucestershire has profited from having David coaching in this county, over many years. Everyone here knows how devoted how he is to
this form of teaching and just how much of himself and of his time he has put into helping fellow coaches, new bowlers and experienced bowlers alike.
One of the best-known and most respected people in the County, without doubt. Coaching is taken seriously in Gloucestershire, thanks hugely to David
and to his principal Level 2 lieutenants.

I am also mindful that he won the ‘2018 English Coach Educator of the Year’ title presented at the Coach Bowls Conference in Leamington.

Following the current Bowls England Director of Coaching, Mal Evans, releasing in 2019 his ‘Long Term Vision’ for all counties, Gloucestershire was asked
to be one of the three test counties for the implementation of that ‘Vision’. That would have been because of David’s presence in the County, and since
then we have begun implementing that vision under his leadership, in relation to all aspects of Mal’s ‘Vision’, having made good progress in all areas.

This includes the setting up – under David – of a Gloucestershire Bowls Youth Academy for the 13-18 age group, which was successfully initiated last year,
even in the adverse Covid-19 scenario, and very enthusiastically received by the first cohort of Gloucestershire’s young players.

David has also, for a number of years, been involved very closely in the coaching of the Gloucestershire Johns Trophy team, where he was consequently –
I know – pleased to see us reach the Semi-Final at Leamington in 2017. We were also delighted that David’s presence enabled us to attract some of the
top bowls coaches in England to our coaching sessions – fellow participants in the first Coach Bowls Level 3 course.

Congratulations to David.

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