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1 Year Membership


  • If you are renewing your membership please read information below.
  • If you are joining Coach Bowls prior to taking a Coaching Course do not continue as your insurance is included in the course price.
  • If you are joining to enable you to take any other module which requires membership, please continue through to payments.
  • If you are already a coach, from another organisation, and wish to register with Coach Bowls as a coach, you will need to send your certificate to the office before proceeding.

Dear Coach Bowls Member,

Membership Renewal for the coming year October 1st, 2023 – September 30th, 2024 – £18.00 per annum

Coach Bowls Membership renewals are now due, and we are writing to update you on the membership benefits you have access to in support of the vital coaching activities you provide. The benefits are outlined here equates to just £1.50 per month!

For your membership you will receive a membership card for you to wear and identify yourself as a coach; Personal Liability Insurance provided by Sutton Winson; Access to Coach Bowls Merchandise; Access to updated materials linked to your level of Qualification via your Resource Hub online; Advice, Support, Expertise; Mentoring scheme, with training, certification, and recognition for trained mentors; Expert advice videos; Entry qualification to Coach Bowls Awards. It has been necessary to increase costs slightly this year due to increasing insurance costs. However, we remain committed to providing quality products and services.

Some of the developments made in the past 12 months:

  • NEW Coach Bowls Website launched with access to a Resource Hub for Coach Bowls Qualified Coaches.

The Resource Hub has videos to learn from as well as to critique, and access to all coaching resource materials and useful handouts

  • NEW, enhanced practical day format to give coaches more time on the rink coaching with NEW content and presentations to keep up to date with best practise and keep our standards high
  • NEW Mentors in place to assist those on a coaching course with their portfolios
  • NEW, enhanced ‘Supporting Inclusion’ module

Some of the developments coming in the next year:

  • More Coaching Centre’s of Excellence in counties across England
  • More trained Mentors
  • Level Three Qualification available to book
  • Safeguarding days available to book for counties

Membership of a professional coaching body will allow you the opportunity to network and make connections with other coaches and learn from them. Joining a professional organisation is critical in keeping abreast of the latest knowledge and practices locally, regionally, and nationally. It helps coaches to stay in touch with current issues and opportunities and also assists in personal advancement for members who wish to become more involved.

The Insurance document is dated and starts from October 1st, which is why membership for the new year is always October 1st.  You may not need your insurance all year, but to assist us in budgeting for the year and grow the business to better support coaches, we respectfully ask you to pay this October and not wait until the start of your bowling year. It is £18 whenever you pay it and gives you all year-round access to your Resource Hub.

OUR PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT IS THROUGH THE WEBSITE –  please use PAY Now Button below and follow instructions.  You will be asked to provide the usual contact information as well as which Code you play, ie: Flat Bowls, Crown Green or Shortmat. You can check your credentials whilst you are in your account. If you have completed any safeguarding modules etc, please input the dates obtained. There is quite a list!

We continue to provide telephone assistance for any member who is unable to renew their membership or join the scheme online. Please call the office if this is something you need.

We look forward to supporting and working with you this year.

 Amanda Scriven-Purcell                                                                           

Coaching Manager